Tuesday Mumbles “THE SKY IS FALLING!”

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Star Wars CHicken

Ever since this time last year I have noticed something about the Star Wars Community and that is all the pessimistic, acting like the sky is falling behavior. Now if anyone is not aware, Disney bought Star Wars and new things under the Disney banner are currently in the works such as a new Trilogy, some stand alone films and of course a new animated series called Star Wars Rebels (set 8 years after Revenge of the Sith). Now ever since Star Wars fans have become very judgmental and they have every right to be but in my opinion people are acting a little bit too judgmental. I mean so far we really don’t know that much about the new films or that much about the animated series. We just know little tidbits here and there. But there’s one remark I keep hearing a lot and that is “Disney’s going to destroy Star Wars!”. Now sure Star Wars might not be the same after all this new stuff starts coming out but I don’t think Disney is out to destroy the franchise. People who are saying that are just looking for excuses to bitch, moan and complain about something. It’s kind of like what my dad’s been telling me lately. The internet seems to be a breeding ground for complainers and you know what, I tend to agree with him on that one. Not just because he’s my dad but because I am seeing that first hand and as someone who like both Star Wars and Disney it kind of pisses me off. Ever since I was a little girl Disney has always been there for me, be it the parks, merchandise, the movies and the TV shows. To my little child eyes Disney was a magical experience and it still is to this day. I mean whenever I go to Disneyland I always have a good time and I’m always sad when I have to leave because there’s just this feeling you get while you are in the parks and you can’t help but be happy and even for adults it makes them feel like kids again. Now yesterday there was a teaser trailer for Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD and frankly it has left a lot of Star Wars fans angry. Responses were as such

“They cancelled The Clone Wars for this?”
“Disney ruins everything!”
“This is going to be like what happen with Ultimate Spiderman!”

Again, lately the Star Wars fanbase, at least the part of the community that I am exposed to are acting like the sky is falling and there is a general aura of dread in the air. But what do I have to say about everything? Well, it’s quite simple. I am withholding the majority of my judgment until we are actually seeing even more of this new stuff before I make my official opinion because as of right now, I don’t feel like I have enough to base an opinion around. But do I think that Disney is going to kill Star Wars? HECK NO! That’s just paranoid talk! It is my personal opinion that Disney has enough respect for the franchise/fans to deliver to us, the fans a quality product. Right now, we are just going through an awkward period right now. So I’d advise for everyone to just take a step back, take a deep breath and calm the heck down. Everything is going to be fine! Now if that bit of advice makes me a bad person then well, that’s your opinion. At least I’m not running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off or as I’ve said before in the article the sky is falling. But believe me, I am a Star Wars fan and always will be but I just can’t bring myself to become someone who will constantly complain and bash things because that’s just not who I am. So, I’m going to just end this article right here before I dig myself an even bigger hole and everyone comes to my door with torches/pitchforks claiming that I’m an unholy demon who doesn’t care for Star Wars. Just relax people, go take a nature walk, read a book or do something that doesn’t involve Star Wars. So this has been JessicaBane501 and I’m going to go seek shelter in my rage proof bunker now. Peace.


Friday Mumbles #10

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Greetings and welcome to another edition of “Friday Mumbles”. I am your fearless leader, Jessica Bane and I have decided to talk about the new Pokemon that were revealed by CoroCoro magazine earlier this week. So enough yammering, let’s get down to business.

First up we’ve got the first evolution of the grass starter Chespin named Quilladin. It is a pure Grass type and personally it strikes me as a being weird but in a cute chubby way. Kind of reminds of what occurred with Tepig in Black and White when it evolved into Pignite. Overall it’s a cute Pokemon and it’ll be interesting to see what it evolves into.

Next up we’ve got this first evolution to Fennekin named Braixen. It is a pure Fire type. Now a lot of people were speculating that Fennekin was going to evolve into something that kind of looked like Kyubimon from Digimon Tamers or something like that but from the looks of things this Pokemon is heading towards the route of being a fox witch sort of creature. The stick in its tail kind of looks like a wand. Overall it looks quite cunning and it’ll be interesting to use it in battle.

Finally we’ve got the first evolution of Froakie named Frogadier. It is a pure Water type and let’s just say this one looks the best out of all of the starter middle evolutions. At first I was not crazy about Froakie but Frogadier looks simply awesome! It has this sort of cloud collar around its neck and tapers off into a cape of some sorts. So I’ve got to say, it’s going to be hard to pick a starter this time around.

Now we’ve got the evolution of Litleo named Pyroar and this Pokemon looks very regal. Not to mention it has a female form that sports a different mane that is long and flowing as opposed to the full bushy like mane that the male one sports. Now personally this guy is not my absolute favorite but I can see the possibilities in terms of nicknames such as Aslan, Mufasa and Godric (Harry Potter).

Next up is Furfrou and I love how this Pokemon looks and the option to customize its fur is a really cool feature.

Next we’ve got the two fossil Pokemon, a Rock Dragon Pokemon named Tyrunt and Rock/Ice Pokemon named Amaura. Out of the two Tyrunt is my favorite and I can’t wait to see if it evolves into a large T-Rex Pokemon. As for Amaura it looks cute but not the one I’ll be going after.

Now we’ve got Meowstic and it’s got two forms, a male form (blue/white one) and a female form (white/blue one). Don’t really have much of an opinion on it. It’s just the Generation’s token cat Pokemon.

Lastly we’ve got two new Mega Evolutions, Mega Garchomp and Mega Mewtwo X. Out of the two I like Mega Garchomp. Garchomp looks like a beast and looks like it is ready to shred things up. As for Mega Mewtwo X it is a Fighting/Psychic type and has the ability Steadfast and personally I prefer the other one to this one.

So, that’s all the new Pokemon that were revealed and probably some of the last that will be revealed until the game’s launch in less than a month’s time. So this will wrap it up for this edition of “Friday Mumbles”. Catch you next time. Peace!

Review -Digimon Fusion

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Recently Nickelodeon introduced a new show to its network and that would be a new season of the anime known as Digimon Digital Monsters. The show in Japan was called Digimon Xros Wars, however here in the states and other countries it goes by the title of Digimon Fusion. It stars a male kid named Mikey as he soon discovers that he is destined to lead an army of creatures called Digimon. Meanwhile at his side he has a partner named Shoutmon, a feisty Digimon who one day will become the Digimon King. Now I have not seen much of this show so I don’t have that much in the ways of opinions on it but what I can say about it is I’m not too crazy about it. First of all, the theme song. Oh the theme song. It’s not like the original theme song at all. Instead it’s some sort of auto-tune song that in my opinion while it sounds nice somewhat I can’t see it becoming my absolute favorite. Not by a long shot. Also as far as voice work goes the only character I could semi tolerate was Shoutmon who was voiced by Ben Diskin who has voiced for other shows like Codename Kids Next Door, Star Wars the Clone Wars and several other TV shows. Also it should be noted that Melissa Fahn, who voiced Rika in Tamers voices a character named NeNe Amano. Other voice talents are Nicholas Roye, Vic Mignogna, Colleen O’Shaughnessey (Sora from Season 01 and 02) and Derek Stephen Prince (DemiDevimon,Veemon Line,Ken Ichijouchi,Impmon Line and other characters). Overall several voice actors/actress have returned to voice other characters which is nice but as I said before the other character I found myself liking was Shoutmon. Oh and another thing to note is that unlike other seasons this season kind of feels childish in a sense that whenever a character appears a nameplate with the name of the character pops up on the screen and they also do this for the attacks. This has never been done before in the show and personally it’s kind of distracting. Sure in older seasons they had a sort of Pokedex like identification process but this is nothing like it and it just bugs me. So overall this show isn’t really my cup of tea but it is nice that DIgimon hasn’t been totally forgotten about and maybe if kids start watching this and like it DIgimon could make a comeback. As far as a grade I don’t know what to grade it so I’ll withhold my rating. So this has been Jessica Bane and I’ll catch you all next time. Peace.

September 4, 2013 Nintendo Pokemon Direct Recap

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Here’s a link to the video

Slight retrospective on the history of the franchise as far as the original Gameboy and how to connect one had to use the Link Cable to connect with others. The Original Gameboy was like an arcade game.

They were discussing how convenient wireless connectivity would be and that’s how they came up with the idea of the wireless adapter during the Game Boy Advanced era.

When the DS came out wireless became the ultimate standard for the hardware.

The signature of Pokemon has always been openness. Also because you are interacting with other in Pokemon Pokemon games are different from other games you play alone and how the connections between players over the years have become a whole lot broader.

They are going to introduce a new piece of hardware that will be available via paid download on the 3DS called Pokemon Bank. You can put your Pokemon from your game in a box that resides on the internet and take them out as needed. In Pokemon X and Y you can only store a limited amount of Pokemon but with Pokemon Bank you can store Pokemon in 100 different boxes. That’s a grand total of 3,000 different Pokemon you can store in Pokemon Bank.

Also you can transfer Pokemon from Black, White, White 2 and Black 2 to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y using another app that works in junction with Pokemon Bank called Poke Transporter. Basically you transfer Pokemon with Poke Transporter to Pokemon Bank and then from Pokemon Bank to your Pokemon X and Y games. Gamefreak/Nintendo is looking for ways to make these applications easy to use for everyone. Also there is an annual fee for Pokemon Bank and an activation of Pokemon Bank is required for Pokemon Transporter.  More information will be uploaded to the official Pokemon website as it becomes available. Both apps will have a built-in security measure so that players can’t transfer hacked Pokemon.

Those services will give you the ability to keep your Pokemon. Pokemon were only stored in handheld systems in the past. For years Nintendo/Gamefreak were discussing how they could let people store Pokemon via the Cloud and take them out as needed. They had been talking about something like this for five years and now it is a reality. In fact this service had been thought of since Pokemon Crystal! They talk about how Shokotan’s grand-kids can use her Pokemon in the future. The first concepts of these were Pokemon Box for Gamecube and My Pokemon Ranch for the Wii.

In Pokemon X and Y your starter will be given to you by your friend not the professor and how the Professor will give you one of the Kanto starters. Also the Kanto starters will be able to utilize the Mega Evolutions. Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard and Mega Blastoise. There are even more secrets to Mega Evolution. The first is a black bracelet called the Mega Ring and it holds a stone called a Key Stone. So basically the Mega Ring in conjunction with the Key Stone triggers the Mega Evolution. The bond between trainer and Pokemon is very important when it comes to Mega Evolution. Mega Evolution is the biggest secret of the Kalos Region and all of the secrets can be unlocked in Pokemon X and Y.

Nintendo/Gamefreak wants everyone to see and have fun with Mega Evolutions.

The development of Pokemon X and Y was a very hard one because of the worldwide release and how they had to create 3D models of all the Pokemon. However the difficulties were converted into fun and these games have a lot of it. The game has so much more depth in some aspects and customers will have a lot of choices to make when they play.

Special Pokemon Edition 3DS systems


ɪɴsɪᴅᴇ ᴏғ ᴛʜɪs ᴘʜᴇɴᴏᴍᴇɴᴏɴ ~{мυłтıfαиđøм}

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Decided to combine my top three favorite fandoms into one short little video. So enjoy. ^_^

Characters in this video: Cad Bane, Rainbow Dash, Zoroark and Colress
Fandoms in this video: Pokemon,My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Star Wars The Clone Wars

Friday Mumbles #9 “Gotta Catch ’em All” Edition

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Over the course of my childhood nothing came close to earning the same love in my heart media wise than Pokemon. I’ve been a fan of the franchise since it came to America in 1998. It all started when a friend of mine who I carpooled with in elementary school gave me a couple Pokemon cards, a base set Charmander and Ponyta. Now at the time my mother was very skeptical of the franchise as most parents were at the time but she allowed me to become a Pokemon fan. I was watching the show, collecting the cards, bought a few plush toys and of course how could I forget, I played the games. My first game was Pokemon Red and I believe I either started with Charmander or Squirtle (sorry Bulbasuar, forever alone XD). Overall Pokemon was awesome and I made many fond memories with my friend, often having link cable trades/battles and even playing Pokemon Snap or Stadium on the ol’ Nintendo 64. However when Junior High hit my friend stopped liking and we were no longer friends. For what reason you ask? I have no idea, even to this day. I guess we just drifted apart over the course of the summer before Junior High. However I still remained a Pokemon Fan, seeking to hold onto the memories that I had made. But of course I was often ridiculed by my peers for liking the franchise but I remained a fan despite the slight teasing. It wasn’t until my Junior year of High School did I decide to take a small break from Pokemon. So jump ahead a year or two and Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were released and I started to get back into it and let me tell you it felt good to be a Pokemon fan again and I was determined not to let anyone convince me otherwise. So as the years went on by I continued playing the games, collecting the cards, buying plush toys and even watching the show/movies. However it wasn’t until the Black and White era did my Pokemon fandom really soar and I have the Pokemon Zoroark to thank. That Pokemon sealed the deal and I’ve been a Pokemon Freak ever since. My card collection is epic with many Level Xs and EXs as well as holos and Secret Rares to call my own. Plush I’ve got a very humble collection of plush toys, my pride and joy being my Zoroark plush which I have nicknamed Nihilus after the Sith Lord from the Knights of the Old Republic Star Wars RPG.  Oh and I’m a newly self-declared Colress fan-girl. Colress being a scientist from the antagonist team from Pokemon Black and White Team Plasma. I just love his voice, his glasses, his cunning personality and that blue part of his hair that totally reminds me of the Internet Explorer logo.  Overall Pokemon is awesome and it has become a staple in my life and I cannot wait to get my hands on a 3DS and Pokemon X and Y this holiday season. It’s going to be great! So this has been your fearless leader JessicaBane501 and I’ll catch you all (see what I did there? xD) next time. Peace!


Friday Mumbles #8

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Fall Dragon

We are in the dog days of the summer and soon it’ll be that time of year again where the kiddies are going back to school. For other’s it’ll be off to college or university. However for some it’ll be life as usual. But that isn’t the point of this blog post. The point of this blog post is to talk about what’s on my mind or rather what I’m looking forward to this fall. I know for certain I’m going on a vacation with my folks to the wonderful state of Oregon, namely to a place called Bend. There’s this real estate vacation rental resort that my family and I have been to several times and it’s a wonderful place to just go and relax. Oh and you know what’s also great about Oregon? It’s the state of no sales tax! Looks like I’ll be doing some shopping while I’m there. However I’ll also be relaxing and enjoying my vacation. Maybe go for walks or even go to the nearby museum. Overall I can’t wait for the trip in September. But aside from that not sure what I’ll be up to in the fall aside from running this humble page, make some Youtube videos and improve on my art skills because I’m wanting to improve on that so that I can start utilizing my Deviantart profile for more than just Deviantart Stamps or the like. Oh and on a different note I was at Wal-Mart yesterday and I saw a miniature Toothless figure from the brand new Dreamworks Dragons Defenders of Berk toy-line. So naturally I bought him and he has a proud spot on my desk on the stand for my PC monitor. How to Train Your Dragon is one of my most favorite movies. Being someone who loves Vikings and Dragons I’m on cloud nine whenever I watch either the movie or the series and I can’t wait for Defenders of Berk to air in the fall and see some more Toothless action. Not to mention all the new Dragons that we’ll be introduced to. So anyway, I’ll be concluding this week’s edition of Friday Mumbles and I’ll catch all of you next time!