Friday Mumbles #8

Fall Dragon

We are in the dog days of the summer and soon it’ll be that time of year again where the kiddies are going back to school. For other’s it’ll be off to college or university. However for some it’ll be life as usual. But that isn’t the point of this blog post. The point of this blog post is to talk about what’s on my mind or rather what I’m looking forward to this fall. I know for certain I’m going on a vacation with my folks to the wonderful state of Oregon, namely to a place called Bend. There’s this real estate vacation rental resort that my family and I have been to several times and it’s a wonderful place to just go and relax. Oh and you know what’s also great about Oregon? It’s the state of no sales tax! Looks like I’ll be doing some shopping while I’m there. However I’ll also be relaxing and enjoying my vacation. Maybe go for walks or even go to the nearby museum. Overall I can’t wait for the trip in September. But aside from that not sure what I’ll be up to in the fall aside from running this humble page, make some Youtube videos and improve on my art skills because I’m wanting to improve on that so that I can start utilizing my Deviantart profile for more than just Deviantart Stamps or the like. Oh and on a different note I was at Wal-Mart yesterday and I saw a miniature Toothless figure from the brand new Dreamworks Dragons Defenders of Berk toy-line. So naturally I bought him and he has a proud spot on my desk on the stand for my PC monitor. How to Train Your Dragon is one of my most favorite movies. Being someone who loves Vikings and Dragons I’m on cloud nine whenever I watch either the movie or the series and I can’t wait for Defenders of Berk to air in the fall and see some more Toothless action. Not to mention all the new Dragons that we’ll be introduced to. So anyway, I’ll be concluding this week’s edition of Friday Mumbles and I’ll catch all of you next time!


~ by banessidekick on August 23, 2013.

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