Friday Mumbles #9 “Gotta Catch ’em All” Edition


Over the course of my childhood nothing came close to earning the same love in my heart media wise than Pokemon. I’ve been a fan of the franchise since it came to America in 1998. It all started when a friend of mine who I carpooled with in elementary school gave me a couple Pokemon cards, a base set Charmander and Ponyta. Now at the time my mother was very skeptical of the franchise as most parents were at the time but she allowed me to become a Pokemon fan. I was watching the show, collecting the cards, bought a few plush toys and of course how could I forget, I played the games. My first game was Pokemon Red and I believe I either started with Charmander or Squirtle (sorry Bulbasuar, forever alone XD). Overall Pokemon was awesome and I made many fond memories with my friend, often having link cable trades/battles and even playing Pokemon Snap or Stadium on the ol’ Nintendo 64. However when Junior High hit my friend stopped liking and we were no longer friends. For what reason you ask? I have no idea, even to this day. I guess we just drifted apart over the course of the summer before Junior High. However I still remained a Pokemon Fan, seeking to hold onto the memories that I had made. But of course I was often ridiculed by my peers for liking the franchise but I remained a fan despite the slight teasing. It wasn’t until my Junior year of High School did I decide to take a small break from Pokemon. So jump ahead a year or two and Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were released and I started to get back into it and let me tell you it felt good to be a Pokemon fan again and I was determined not to let anyone convince me otherwise. So as the years went on by I continued playing the games, collecting the cards, buying plush toys and even watching the show/movies. However it wasn’t until the Black and White era did my Pokemon fandom really soar and I have the Pokemon Zoroark to thank. That Pokemon sealed the deal and I’ve been a Pokemon Freak ever since. My card collection is epic with many Level Xs and EXs as well as holos and Secret Rares to call my own. Plush I’ve got a very humble collection of plush toys, my pride and joy being my Zoroark plush which I have nicknamed Nihilus after the Sith Lord from the Knights of the Old Republic Star Wars RPG.  Oh and I’m a newly self-declared Colress fan-girl. Colress being a scientist from the antagonist team from Pokemon Black and White Team Plasma. I just love his voice, his glasses, his cunning personality and that blue part of his hair that totally reminds me of the Internet Explorer logo.  Overall Pokemon is awesome and it has become a staple in my life and I cannot wait to get my hands on a 3DS and Pokemon X and Y this holiday season. It’s going to be great! So this has been your fearless leader JessicaBane501 and I’ll catch you all (see what I did there? xD) next time. Peace!



~ by banessidekick on August 30, 2013.

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