September 4, 2013 Nintendo Pokemon Direct Recap


Here’s a link to the video

Slight retrospective on the history of the franchise as far as the original Gameboy and how to connect one had to use the Link Cable to connect with others. The Original Gameboy was like an arcade game.

They were discussing how convenient wireless connectivity would be and that’s how they came up with the idea of the wireless adapter during the Game Boy Advanced era.

When the DS came out wireless became the ultimate standard for the hardware.

The signature of Pokemon has always been openness. Also because you are interacting with other in Pokemon Pokemon games are different from other games you play alone and how the connections between players over the years have become a whole lot broader.

They are going to introduce a new piece of hardware that will be available via paid download on the 3DS called Pokemon Bank. You can put your Pokemon from your game in a box that resides on the internet and take them out as needed. In Pokemon X and Y you can only store a limited amount of Pokemon but with Pokemon Bank you can store Pokemon in 100 different boxes. That’s a grand total of 3,000 different Pokemon you can store in Pokemon Bank.

Also you can transfer Pokemon from Black, White, White 2 and Black 2 to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y using another app that works in junction with Pokemon Bank called Poke Transporter. Basically you transfer Pokemon with Poke Transporter to Pokemon Bank and then from Pokemon Bank to your Pokemon X and Y games. Gamefreak/Nintendo is looking for ways to make these applications easy to use for everyone. Also there is an annual fee for Pokemon Bank and an activation of Pokemon Bank is required for Pokemon Transporter.  More information will be uploaded to the official Pokemon website as it becomes available. Both apps will have a built-in security measure so that players can’t transfer hacked Pokemon.

Those services will give you the ability to keep your Pokemon. Pokemon were only stored in handheld systems in the past. For years Nintendo/Gamefreak were discussing how they could let people store Pokemon via the Cloud and take them out as needed. They had been talking about something like this for five years and now it is a reality. In fact this service had been thought of since Pokemon Crystal! They talk about how Shokotan’s grand-kids can use her Pokemon in the future. The first concepts of these were Pokemon Box for Gamecube and My Pokemon Ranch for the Wii.

In Pokemon X and Y your starter will be given to you by your friend not the professor and how the Professor will give you one of the Kanto starters. Also the Kanto starters will be able to utilize the Mega Evolutions. Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard and Mega Blastoise. There are even more secrets to Mega Evolution. The first is a black bracelet called the Mega Ring and it holds a stone called a Key Stone. So basically the Mega Ring in conjunction with the Key Stone triggers the Mega Evolution. The bond between trainer and Pokemon is very important when it comes to Mega Evolution. Mega Evolution is the biggest secret of the Kalos Region and all of the secrets can be unlocked in Pokemon X and Y.

Nintendo/Gamefreak wants everyone to see and have fun with Mega Evolutions.

The development of Pokemon X and Y was a very hard one because of the worldwide release and how they had to create 3D models of all the Pokemon. However the difficulties were converted into fun and these games have a lot of it. The game has so much more depth in some aspects and customers will have a lot of choices to make when they play.

Special Pokemon Edition 3DS systems



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