Review -Digimon Fusion


Recently Nickelodeon introduced a new show to its network and that would be a new season of the anime known as Digimon Digital Monsters. The show in Japan was called Digimon Xros Wars, however here in the states and other countries it goes by the title of Digimon Fusion. It stars a male kid named Mikey as he soon discovers that he is destined to lead an army of creatures called Digimon. Meanwhile at his side he has a partner named Shoutmon, a feisty Digimon who one day will become the Digimon King. Now I have not seen much of this show so I don’t have that much in the ways of opinions on it but what I can say about it is I’m not too crazy about it. First of all, the theme song. Oh the theme song. It’s not like the original theme song at all. Instead it’s some sort of auto-tune song that in my opinion while it sounds nice somewhat I can’t see it becoming my absolute favorite. Not by a long shot. Also as far as voice work goes the only character I could semi tolerate was Shoutmon who was voiced by Ben Diskin who has voiced for other shows like Codename Kids Next Door, Star Wars the Clone Wars and several other TV shows. Also it should be noted that Melissa Fahn, who voiced Rika in Tamers voices a character named NeNe Amano. Other voice talents are Nicholas Roye, Vic Mignogna, Colleen O’Shaughnessey (Sora from Season 01 and 02) and Derek Stephen Prince (DemiDevimon,Veemon Line,Ken Ichijouchi,Impmon Line and other characters). Overall several voice actors/actress have returned to voice other characters which is nice but as I said before the other character I found myself liking was Shoutmon. Oh and another thing to note is that unlike other seasons this season kind of feels childish in a sense that whenever a character appears a nameplate with the name of the character pops up on the screen and they also do this for the attacks. This has never been done before in the show and personally it’s kind of distracting. Sure in older seasons they had a sort of Pokedex like identification process but this is nothing like it and it just bugs me. So overall this show isn’t really my cup of tea but it is nice that DIgimon hasn’t been totally forgotten about and maybe if kids start watching this and like it DIgimon could make a comeback. As far as a grade I don’t know what to grade it so I’ll withhold my rating. So this has been Jessica Bane and I’ll catch you all next time. Peace.


~ by banessidekick on September 11, 2013.

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