OCs (Original Characters)

Lissarkh Varactek

This cunning Trandoshan hails from the criminal world of Nar Shaddaa where she spent the majority of her childhood on the streets. That was until she discovered she had a passion for the field of Bounty Hunting. It was this job that she landed on and ever since she took to working for the highest bidder. But as time went on her reputation became known to the Separatists who were currently looking for worthy hunters for their upcoming campaign. They confronted her and formed a partnership. This later attracted the attention of other fellow hunters, hunters such as Aurra Sing and Cad Bane, the latter who was establishing his reputation as well. So the two formed a mutual partnership, the two assisting each other in various jobs. They were the best of friends until the word that Jango Fett perished on Geonosis. At first the two hunters agreed that they would become the best of the best together but as time went on the two began to drift apart, leading up to a skirmish on the planet Nal Hutta. The end result was Cad Bane becoming the best hunter ever and ever since Lissarkh, feeling betrayed swore to get even with the Duros, so much in fact that she took to siding with the Jedi and honorable hunters such as Sugi and Embo. One such Jedi she formed a friendship with was Obi-Wan Kenobi.

While being a Trandoshan, a species known best for their aggressive nature Lissarkh has a heart of gold and hates seeing her friends getting hurt. Also she has a soft spot for children, stemming back to her childhood on the streets of Nar Shaddaa where she often stood up to bullies who picked on other street kids who were smaller than them. This led her to hate Cad Bane even more when she heard that he was hired by a Sith Lord to kidnap Force Sensitive children and often wished she had been with Skywalker and his padawan Ahsoka when they arrested him on Naboo. Overall Lissarkh Varactek is the polar opposite of Cad Bane and hopes one day to dethrone the Duros from his seat of power and show the galaxy that not all Bounty Hunters are greedy money grabbing jerks.

Bane ” The Shadow” the Zoroark
Bane the Zoroark
There wasn’t a lot known about Bane’s past other than he had the rare ability to talk like a human. Also one day he got caught in the middle of a fight between Dialga and Palkia. The end result landed him in a totally different dimension that happened to be the dimension where The Clone Wars were raging. Discovering that his skills made him a talented hunter he took to becoming a mercenary for hire. Sure at first he was met with prejudice but soon clients started to see that he was indeed talented and thus they hired him for various jobs. However two bounty hunters, Aurra Sing and Cad Bane still saw him as a freak of nature and a genuine threat and thus made it their own personal goal to see that his reputation was tarnished. But Bane overcame each and everyone of their traps and continued to maintain a formidable reputation throughout the galaxy. His skills had even earned him the nickname ” The Shadow” due to his abilities in the stealth department. He even became friends with the Weequay Pirate Hondo Ohnaka, the two becoming very close friends and often teaming up. His skills and reputation would carry him through the Clone Wars and into the Dark Times until he perished on the planet Coruscant by Cad Bane. He would never have the opportunity to return back to his own dimension, a feat that he believed was possible.

Bane was a very cunning Zoroark, able to think on his feet with ease. While he was not that skilled with firearms and explosives he made up for it with his natural attacks such as Night Slash,Dark Pulse, Agility and Night Daze. Also another thing that set him apart from other hunters other than the fact that he was a Pokemon he had a very strict code of honor. He often struggled with killing and often liked to bring in a bounty alive if at all possible. It was also known that Bane and Cad Bane shared a very hostile rivalry with each other, Cad Bane thinking that Bane the Zoroark was not worthy enough to possess the name Bane and so the Duros had made it his goal to prove his point. So overall the two were at each other’s throats a lot with neither one giving up, ever!


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  1. Awesome story for Lissarkh. It’s very creative. I especially like how she has a soft spot for children 🙂

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