Make me your obsession (GunslingerShipping)

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The name of my favorite The Clone Wars pairing Cad Bane x Aurra Sing. Enjoy ^_^


Friday Mumbles #7 “MEGA EVOLUTIONS”

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Hello people and welcome to another edition of “Friday Mumbles”! I am your fearless leader JessicaBane501 and the Pokemon Fanbase received a very cool surprise the other day. So it is with great pleasure that I introduced to you, the readers of this blog entry the concept of “Mega-Evolution” that will debut in the upcoming games Pokemon X and Pokemon Y coming out worldwide on the 3DS on October 12th. So, what’s this Mega-Evolution all about? Well it’s simple. It’s an in battle only event where if a select Pokemon is holding an item called a Mega Stone the Pokemon will escalate to a new level! Such Pokemon that are said to have a Mega Evolution are Blaziken, Lucario, Absol,Mawile, Mewtwo and Ampharos. So basically the Pokemon will be even more powerful with a new look and may I say the Lucario and Blaziken look like complete and utter badasses! Especially Blaziken. Blaziken is already banned from tournaments due to its power level. This is like creating an entirely new tier just for Blaziken to chill out in. So overall these games are going to insane and I look forward to getting a 3DS and picking up these games. Oh and from launch date till an unknown date you can get a Torchic via wifi event and it’ll be holding a Mega Stone so there’s going to be one way for you to get your hands on one of these Mega Pokemon from the get go, well as soon as your cute little fire chick gets to the uber awesome material arts using chicken. So anyway, I’m looking forward to this but what are your thoughts? Leave them below, voice your opinions and I’ll see you all in the next edition of “Friday Mumbles”. Peace!


Tribute to Slenderman

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Who here likes Slendy? Well here you are! A tribute for him! xD

Friday Mumbles #6

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Lately I’ve been in the Clone Wars mood more than I have been lately. Probably due to the fact that until recently the Clone Wars fanbase has been laying low ever since the revelation that the show was coming to an end with only a few storylines left that would be promised to us. However after hearing some interesting stuff from the Secrets of The Clone Wars Panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2 I got to thinking. What would I do with myself if I suddenly found myself in The Star Wars Realm during The Clone Wars? What would my destiny be? Well, it’s quite simple. I would want to be a Bounty Hunter. Yeah, huge surprise coming from one of the biggest Bounty Hunter fans on this very planet. But anyway, I would love to be a Bounty Hunter, exploring the galaxy while at the same time taking on many jobs. Sure it would be a risky lifestyle to lead but at least life would never be boring. As for my ethics I would strive to be on the more honorable side but at the same time I would do what was deemed necessary to get the job done. Sort of like how Sugi’s gang operates. So I could see myself working with her and her gang often. However that being said I wouldn’t mind working with the other hunters as well, namely Cad Bane, Aurra Sing, Bossk and hunters like that. Sure my ethics and Cad Bane/Aurra Sing’s ethics would clash considerably but I if I absolutely had to work with them I would. Now you may ask “Jessica? Cad Bane is your most favorite character of all time! Wouldn’t you want to work with him on a constant basis?” and I would have to say “Yes” and “No” at the same time. Sure it would be exciting to work alongside him all the time but to be perfectly honest and on the level with you people I probably wouldn’t want to constantly be around him because of the trust factor. What’s to say he wouldn’t murder me in my sleep? As for my relationship with the Jedi and Separatists I would be friendlier with the Jedi while trying to avoid really working for Dooku for the most part. Oh and I’d like to be either a human or a Trandoshan. Overall it would be awesome to be in the Star Wars Realm, even with its fair dangers. Now, what would your place in The Star Wars Realm be? What would you want to do if you were a citizen in The Galaxy Far Far Away? Share your thoughts below, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Anyway, this has been your fearless leader JessicaBane501 signing out. Peace!

Youtube Channel Trailer thing of epicness

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Finally made myself a Channel Trailer thingy that a lot of Youtubers made for their channels since the layout change. Enjoy 🙂

Of Mutinies and New Allies

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When Maul decides to commit mutiny Nihilus the Zoroark comes to put a stop to it by saving Cad Bane from the power hungry Zabrak.

Friday Mumbles #5 “Plushies!”

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Hey everyone, welcome back to “Friday Mumbles”. What’s going on everyone? How’s your week been treating you? Good I hope. But anyway, on to the topic at hand. Yesterday I received in the mail from a 6 inch Pokemon Zoroark plush. It is adorable, soft and I decided to give it the nickname, Lord Nihilus, based off of one of the Sith Lords from the KOTOR era in Star Wars. So while I was enjoying my new little plush I came to realize something. I love plush toys. I always have, ever since I was a little girl. Like I remember back in my old hometown I would go to the local mall and there would be a Disney Store that I would go to every single mall trip with my folks. Inside I would automatically go to the stuffed animal area and proceed to beg for a new stuffed animal. But as I got older I started to discover there were plush toys for my favorite video game characters like Pikachu, Sonic and Yoshi. I then started to get them via, some to the chagrin of my father who thinks that some plushies are way too overpriced. However I didn’t care, I just wanted to add each of them to my collection. However my favorite plushies that I own are my Pokemon plushies. I have quite a few of them and each of them is special to me. However my newest one, Nihilus the Zoroark is extra special to me. Zoroark is like my number one favorite Pokemon and one of the mascots of this very network, The Guild of Outlaws. Zoroark is just such a cool Pokemon and of course I would want a plush toy of him. However I hadn’t been able to find one for a good price until now. I mean I may have wanted him but I wasn’t willing to pay 50 dollars for one. But luckily I got a good deal on this one and aside from one little hiccup in delivery the plush came quickly which is always good customer service. So overall plushies are fantastic, ranging from my Disney plush, Beanie Babies and of course my video game plushies. Oh and did I mention that I have a Wheatley plush from Portal 2? Well I do. Got him at an anime store that opened up last Christmas at my local mall. Wheately is awesome and he just chills out on the top shelf of my collection shelf, surveying the happenings of my room, much like he did in the video game. But I propose a question to you guys/gals. What was your favorite plush toy back in the day and do you still have that special plush to this day? If so leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you. Anyway, this has been your fearless leader JessicaBane501 and I’ll catch you on the flip-side. Peace.